All Erotic Romance

Collin's Submissive (MM)
[Wolf Souls]
by Marcy Jacks
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Alternative Contemporary Paranormal Romantic Suspense Romance, MM, shape-shifter, werewolves, HEA] After his rescue from the hunters, Sam finds himself mated to an alpha werewolf. A wolf who makes him burn inside and out. Sam has the special ability to help his werewolf mate control his feral side. Sam never wants to be a prisoner again. He wants to enjoy his new mate, and learn his place in a werewolf pack where not all...
His Sugar Pups (MMMM)
by Casper Graham
[Menage Amour ManLove: Alternative Contemporary Menage a Quatre Romance, MMMM, HEA]  August Sutton is a handsome, successful billionaire. He should be happy. Instead, he's stressed out by the constant pressure at work, the gold diggers, and also the paparazzi. He wishes to be left alone. He needs someone to share his burdens with, but he has a hard time trusting anyone. Then Timothy, his long-time best friend, suggests he gets into the sugar lifestyle.  Deciding...
Wicked Love (MFM)
by Jane Jamison
[Siren Menage Everlasting: Contemporary Menage a Trois Parnormal Romance, MFM, vampires, HEA] Cass Williams, Mason Richland, and Barroll Myers were army brats. Soon after they first met, sixteen-year-old Cass found herself in love with the two handsome young men and learned that they were vampires. But that didn’t stop her from crushing on them. Years later, the three friends reconnect. Cass soon realizes that she’s never gotten over her love for them. Fortunately...
Center of Gravity (MM)
[Mercury Rising]
by Lynn Hagen
[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Alternative Paranormal Romantic Suspense Romance, MM, shape-shifter, HEA] Jimmy is a simple kind of man who lives in a low-rent apartment, works from home as an accountant, and has enough clothes that he could open his own store. What he doesn't have is that special someone in his life. He's so lonely that he frequents Grizzly's just to get out of the house. But little does Jimmy know he has a secret admirer...
Double Dirty Ride (MFM)
[Spring Valley]
by Tonya Ramagos
[Siren Menage Everlasting: Contemporary Menage a Trois, MFM, with BDSM elements sex toys, HEA]  Heather Johnson hasn’t had a serious relationship since college and she ended that one because he was a controlling jerk. Since then she’s put all her focus on her career. As Spring Valley’s resident pediatrician, there’s always plenty of work. So much so that it’s all she does. When her best friend prescribes her a double dirty ride, she’s doubtful it will...
Healing Hearts 16: Happiness in a Heartbeat (LoveXtreme)
[Healing Hearts]
by Dixie Lynn Dwyer
[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Contemporary Menage Romantic Suspense Romance, MFMMM, reverse harem, HEA] Sue is determined to handle life and any problems on her own just like she's done since she was sixteen. So when one bad decision costs her her job, her apartment, and the successful future she's determined to get, she doesn't quit, she works harder, ignoring the past until that bad decision catches back up with her. A little too sweet, and a little naive, Sue...
Assassins' Embrace (MFM)
[Southern Supernatural Alphas]
by Sara Anderson
[Menage Amour, Contemporary Consensual BDSM Menage a Trois Paranormal Romance, MFM, shape-shifter, vampires, spanking, sex toys, HEA] Dylan Cade and Raeff Concea are two of the few in the Supernatural Council's arsenal that actually hunt down and kill threats to the innocent. They are ruthless when it comes to hunting their prey. They will kill without mercy in service to the Council. Jenni Brennen lives worlds away in North Dakota living a solitary life. She's...
Alpha Beast (MM)
[Beasts of Iron Stone]
by Jane Perky
[Siren Classic ManLove: Alternative Fantasy Paranormal Romance, MM, shape-shifter, werewolves, HEA] Omega werewolf Mac Brenner’s lived a sheltered life. He’s the adoptive son of a corrupted Alpha and no matter what he does, he can’t seem to convince his father to change. After uncovering a plot to kill his childhood crush and ex-pack mate, Mac risks everything to warn outcast Alpha Rhett. There’s old history between Mac and Rhett. Once upon a time, Rhett...
Sin's Thief (MM)
[Vampires of Vadin]
by Shelby Rhodes
[Siren Classic ManLove: Alternative, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, MM, shape-shifter, vampires, HEA] Fouled mouthed, snarky and overly pessimistic, Cecil Baxter's rules for life are to trust no one and to never become attached. Since birth, his life has been one pitfall after another. But when freedom was a fingertip away, Sin, a sophisticated man with a vocabulary to match, jumped in his path. Thrown into a world he doesn’t understand, Cecil finds himself breaking...
Suit and Tied (MF)
[Suncoast Society]
by Tymber Dalton
[Siren Sensations: Contemporary Light Consensual BDSM Romance, MF, with MM elements not including the heroes, spanking, HEA] Cali and Marcia have a plan to drum up publicity for both Venture and the Two Crafty Bastards Toys website. So they set up a photo-shoot at the BDSM club, featuring several of their volunteers and friends in a variety of poses. The theme? Suits. Trying to coax a group of headstrong Doms out of their Friday-casual jeans and khakis and...
Satin and Steel (MF)
[Erotically Yours]
by Leah Brooke
[Siren Everlasting Classic: Contemporary Consensual BDSM, bondage, paddling, sex toys, HEA] The peace Beth Matthews had finally found was shattered by her new next-door neighbor. She’d been alone since her divorce and had found a strength within herself that she’d never suspected. Searching for peace, Joe Steel wanted to move from the city to the quiet town of Lakeside. He hadn’t expected to meet the woman of his dreams living right next door. Beth...
Her Mountain Home (MFM)
[Menage Mountain]
by Marla Monroe
[Siren Menage Everlasting: Contemporary Menage a Trois Romance, MFM, HEA]  Selena isn’t looking for a relationship. All she wants to do is write, but when two sexy mountain men set their sights on her, she’s more than tempted. They show her what it feels like to be treasured and cared for. Austin and Caleb are sure Selena is the woman for them. They want nothing more than to shower her with love and seal her to them forever. There’s just something about...
Staking Their Claim (MFMM)
[Whyr Desires]
by Rebecca Airies
[Menage Amour: Contemporary Menage a Quatre Paranormal Romantic Suspense Romance, MFMM, shape-shifter, HEA] Penny's in trouble. Someone’s stalking her and she's injured and alone. When a car follows her from her work, she panics and calls the police, but her follower turns out to be her friend's brothers checking up on her. Alpha cougar Ethan Black and his brothers Griffin and Dawson are infuriated to find out their mate isn't where she's supposed to be. But...
The Vampire's Duty (MM)
[Vampire Chronicles]
by Stormy Glenn
[Siren Publishing: The Stormy Glenn ManLove Collection: Alternative Paranormal Romance, MM, vampires, HEA] Aldrich was the head enforcer for his vampire tribe. He's seen the worst of humanity, both vampire and human. When he finds a sweet man in need of protection, he knows he's up for the job. Mating is something different altogether. Mating requires something he doesn't have. Gentleness. Understanding. Patience. Love. Mateo has been looking for someone to see...
In the Company of Wolves (LoveXtreme)
[Redmere Wolves]
by Ashley Malkin
[LoveXtreme Forever: Contemporary Menage Paranormal Romantic Suspense Romance, MFMMM, shape-shifter, werewolves, HEA] Evie Scarvelli is mourning the death of her brother when she becomes embroiled in the machinations of a corrupt gang of policemen. Policemen who decide to silence her when she asks too many questions. Walker and Jules Mortlake, wolf shifters and policemen, have been following chief detective, Lawrence Gilchrist, for weeks, waiting to prove him...
A Wolf's Life (MM)
[Wolf Souls]
by Marcy Jacks
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Alternative Contemporary Paranormal Romance, MM, shape-shifter, werewolves, HEA] Maxwell Lynch is an alpha. A monster. A man barely in control of the beast. He and the creature have a tentative agreement. He kills hunters, and the animal will let him have control. Noah Perkins was always popular with shifters, creatures who could smell what he was and hoped to use his abilities, but Noah never had any interest. Kidnapped in...
Billy Jones (MMM)
[Milson Valley]
by Jo Penn
[Menage Amour ManLove: Alternative Fantasy Menage a Trois Paranormal Romance, MMM, shape-shifter, HEA] Jude Visione is an unusual creature. He’s a seer without a gift and unlike his kind, he isn’t blood thirsty. He likes to surf and he loves Billy Jones, his mate. Billy Jones is brave, serious, and plucky. Jude loves Billy’s frizzy hair and the way he smiles, but mostly he loves Billy’s serious stories and how he whispers his hopes and dreams as they lay...
The Keeper (MM)
[Demon Warriors]
by Lynn Hagen
[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Alternative Paranormal Romantic Suspense Romance, MM, shape-shifter, HEA] What would you do to save the man you love? For the Keeper, he would sacrifice the universe. Bitten by Morog, his first creation, the Keeper is dying. He isn't sure how he ended up in the vet clinic, but when Trey walks into the exam room, he knows he's found his mate. But he grows weaker by the day, depending heavily on Trey to keep him...
Guardian Sabears 2: Spellbound (MFMM)
[Guardian Sabears]
by Becca Van
[Siren Menage Everlasting: Fantasy Menage a Quatre Paranormal Romance, MFMM, shape-shifters, reverse harem, HEA] Kiesha Hayes stumbles upon an accounting anomaly and immediately notifies her boss. Leaving the problem with him, she hopes he can find whose been stealing from the fifty clients in their financial care. A guest arrives on her doorstep later that night but instead of sharing coffee and discussing the problems they face, she’s beaten and threatened...
Healing Hearts 15: Can't Hurry Love (MFMM)
[Healing Hearts]
by Dixie Lynn Dwyer
[Siren Menage Everlasting: Contemporary Menage a Quatre Romantic Suspense Romance, MFMM, HEA] Nina Voltaro's only wish is to never feel pain and heartache again. She comes to the conclusion that you can't hurry love, and just maybe being loved just isn't meant to be. She's trying to start a new life with help from Francesca combined with her decorating skills. She's determined to start a new business and the last thing she expects is to catch the eyes of three gangster...
Happy's Joy (MM)
[Cade Creek]
by Stormy Glenn
[The Stormy Glenn ManLove Collection: Alternative Contemporary Romance, MM, HEA] Happy and Marc have been together for a couple of years and things are going good for them. Once they bring a puppy into the family, Happy starts to wonder if they need to expand their family. He's positive Marc would make an excellent father, even if he's a little unsure if he would himself. Deputy Marc Walker had no idea when he rescued Joy that she would come to mean so much to...
Loving Heidi (MFMM)
[Flaming Hearts]
by Rose Nickol
[Menage Amour: Contemporary Menage a Quatre Romance, MFMM, spanking, HEA] After being abandoned by yet another lame blind date, Heidi was almost done.  While contemplating her loser love life Finn Wild literally runs into her.  Covered with food and embarrassed beyond belief Heidi leaves, wondering if she’ll ever see the beautiful man who ran into her again.  After a fire at her apartment, the man of her dreams rescues her and her loved pet birds.  She finds...
Outlaw Beast (MM)
[Beasts of Iron Stone]
by Jane Perky
[Siren Classic ManLove: Alternative Paranormal Romance, MM, shape-shifters, werewolves, HEA] Scarred inside and out from an intense battle with his former wolf pack, werewolf Cord Briggs wants to be left alone to heal. The last thing he expects is to catch the scent of his mate during a run. Cord knows Cam is the one but will the human be able to look past his flaws and give him a chance?  Needing a vacation, Cameron decides to spend some few days in the country...
Dangerous Love (MM)
[Blue Rock Clan]
by Marcy Jacks
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Alternative Contemporary Fantasy Paranormal Romance, MM, shape-shifter, HEA] Nick Rawlins has worked hard to make a name for himself in a world of dragons. As a human police officer, he doesn't get much respect, but he loves his job. Almost as much as he loves the one dragon he can never have. When Nicky comes back to Blue Rock, Markus is still there.  Markus never forgot about Nicky, and when Nicky left Blue Rock, he thought...
Love at the Falls (LoveXtreme)
[The Australian Farm Series]
by Milly Field
[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Contemporary Menage Romantic Suspense, MMMMF, with MM elements, light spanking, HEA] Annie Winter is badly beaten by her former husband when she discovers he is a corrupt police officer, drug trafficker, and murderer. One year later, Annie is in hiding and due to give her testimony to the Royal Commission into Police Corruption. Policeman Mike saves Annie from a dramatic attempt on her life. Mike takes her to hide out on the farm where...